Building community capacity to achieve the human rights of all persons with disabilities


African Youth with Disabilities Network
DRF provides website links to resources for DPOs. Please select a category to start your search.
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Resource Categories

Please click here to view the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

  • DRF Resources: A collection of Disability Rights Fund developed resources. Materials include good practice guides, donor guides, and more. 
  • Country Specific: links to reports and other resources on conditions for Persons with Disabilities, particularly in countries where DRF works
  • CRPD Information: links to CRPD resources, including the CRPD in other languages or alternate versions, explanations of its individual articles, and toolkits for ratifications, implementation, and monitoring
  • Disabled Persons and Human Rights Organizations: links to international and regional DPOs, human rights organizations, databases of resrouces, and on-line discussions groups and newsletters
  • Key Topics: links to resources for legislation and policy change, child protection, specific impairments, sectoral focus (such as employment and education), poverty reduction and development, security, women, indigenous, and youth
  • Organizational Capacity Building; links to resources and tools to strengthen organizations, focusing on DPOs and smaller organizations, including project management, resource mobilization and fundraising, grant proposal writing, financial management and budgeting, and monitoring and evaluation

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