Building community capacity to achieve the human rights of all persons with disabilities

Javier Diez-Canseco



Javier Diez-Canseco, recommended to be a member of DRF’s Global Advisory Panel by Human Rights Watch, is a social scientist, journalist, committed human rights leader and well known anticorruption activist, who has been elected to the Peruvian Congress 6 times and has also served as Vice President of the Congress. Javier most recently served as a consultant for the Andean Health Organization Hipolito Unanue on promoting Andean state coordination on health policies dealing with PWDs. Affected by polio when he was one years old, Javier has been an activist in anti-discrimination and human rights for decades. From 2002-2006, he was chairman of the National Congress Special Studies Commission on Disabilities in Peru, which developed legislative initiatives, public policies, and advocacy for increased state attention to the issues of people with disabilities. The most important Peruvian law addressing disability was drafted with his aid. He has been responsible for promoting disability legislation domestically (including ratification of the CRPD) as well as at the international level, for example, in the OAS.


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